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First World War Memorial:

Surnames:  Cawser, Gee, Heathcote, Hollis, Holmes,  Horton, Jennings, Lester, Mewis, Moore, Page, Perkins, Raworth, Ritchie, Shipton,  Smith, Todd, Twamley, Udall, Upton, Valentine

The Spateman Family:

Two memorials in the church provide information about the Spateman and Newton families.  


Information about transcripts of wills can be found here

Ann SPATEMAN,  1696

Elizabeth SPATEMAN,   1692

Francis SPATEMAN,   1691

Jane SPATEMAN,   1685

Margaret SPATEMAN,   1699

Sarah SPATEMAN,   1689

Thomas SPATEMAN,   1694

Walter SPATEMAN,   1687

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